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Energetic, faithful, hard-working, fun and dedicated are just a few descriptors of our Spotlight volunteer, Michele Green. Four plus years ago, Michele attended a Cavalia performance with a friend who knew of her love for horses and rather bluntly suggested Michele “get off her lazy retired butt” and volunteer, maybe at LPR. Michele’s mother grew up in Brooklyn so she speaks some “Celia” and after they met and C told her what LPR does, Michele was hooked.

Born in San Diego, she lived in Moab, Utah after her father retired from the Navy. Mountain bikers especially know Moab, but for Michele it was a magical place to grow up with open spaces. She could get on a horse, ride all day and never see another soul. Her father’s family farmed with horses and he believed good horses were for kids so the family always had them. Michele started riding when she was five – no lessons, just the “avoid falling off” style.

Eight-year old Babe came into Michele’s life when she was thirteen. Thrilled with her “perfect” buckskin quarter horse, Michele credits Babe with teaching her to ride. It took Michele a year to get this former racehorse to relax on a loose rein, but Babe and Michele were fast friends. Unfortunately, as often happens, college ended that partnership and Michele didn’t have another horse of her own. The back of a horse feels like home to her so now the horses of LPR fill that huge space in her heart. Thanks to the LPR herd, Michele gets to feel, smell and connect to these wonderful animals she loves. Michele knows there are many horses she can’t save, but is happy to help the few horses whose lives we touch. A bonus for her are the like-minded and funny folks that share her love of these amazing animals. Celia calls her Michele "My Bell" and says there aren’t enough words to adequately describe her. Everyone loves working with you, Michele!!!

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