Volunteer of the Month

June's Spotlight shines on Professor Kathy Pickham!

This community college professor of chemistry is a valued and valuable member of the LPR muckers and horse lovers!

A fan of the outdoors, Kathy was looking for a place to volunteer. Learning about horses drew her in and here she is 3 years later.

Kathy grew up in Illinois but a San Diegan since graduate school and now has two grown children and is "almost" an empty nester. Besides teaching, Kathy loves to hike, read, bake and watch movies.

Like so many LPRers, Kathy has learned tons from Celia and admires her knowledge, care, patience and total commitment to the horses. Kathy loves learning each horse's (or donkey's) individual personalities and watching the newcomers adjust. Working with the new mini-donkeys has been a special pleasure.

While she loves seeing them adopted out to their forever homes, Kathy gets connected to them making it hard for her to see them go.

We are grateful YOU stay, Professor Kathy!!!

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