Volunteer of the Month

Mamiko Suzuki

A Groupon ride on Gino was Mamiko’s introduction to LPR two years ago. After learning Gino’s history, son of LPR rescue horse Barbie, and stories of other rescued horses being rehabilitated at LPR, Mamiko started volunteering the following weekend!

Mamiko was born in Japan and came to the US as a child. Though she had little experience with horses she had a huge passion for them. With a combination of desire to give back and tons of persistence - enough to survive Celia’s LPR Boot Camp – Mamiko is a terrific member of the LPR team!

Health and healing are the essence of Mamiko. She is a certified Whole Foods Nutrition Counselor and also certified in ThetaHealing and Reiki, techniques she uses on LPR horses with positive results.

In addition to volunteering, Mamiko continues to learn relaxation from her 16 year old cat, does Zumba, kickboxing, AND performs Japanese Taiko drumming! See her March 11 at Balboa Park’s Japanese Friendship Garden.

Mamiko gives love and healing (and hard work with routine chores) at LPR. Mamiko truly loves the horses and feels blessed by the love and healing she receives back from them!

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