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 The Moses Lake Team  
Cindy & Katherine 

LPR puts a very bright Spotlight on the great mother-daughter team in Warden, a town in central Washington! In fact our very own Moses and Bambi who the LPR team rehabilitated and re-homed (to a super home!) came to us because of our relationship with Cindy and Katherine. 

Their beginning started with a Craigslist ad about mares and foals going to slaughter and it caught Katherine’s eye. She & Cindy went to thefeedlot, took pictures and sent them to a local horse rescue. Fortunately they bought 5 pregnant mares and a mini but asked Katherine & Cindy to foster them until finding homes. The mini and two mares were re-homed but when the rescue shut down, the other three remained with Katherine and Cindy. Quickly the three became five after the birth of two foals. 

Katherine soon developed a Facebook page, “The Moses Lake Horses” and also asked the feedlot owner to call if he got more horses they might rescue. Three years later they have saved over 1,000 horses!

Currently, Katherine and Cindy’s Moses Lake herd consists of nine horses and one llama (also from the feedlot.) They have rehabbed and re-homed 35 horses including Baby, an Arabian mare. Baby went from being a skinny mare who had been fed only straw to being the baby of her adoptive “mom” and the delight of her 19 grandchildren! 

Supporting all this is not easy – as we at LPR know! Katherine and Cindy use their monthly income, make crafts to sell at festivals and online, and sell donated tack. Of course they do this while caring for their herd, rehabbing rescues, fixing fences, etc. and enjoying time with their Corgis.

The reward? Looking into the pasture at the beautiful colt born to a mare they saved last spring.

PLEASE go to The Moses Lake Horses and support their efforts as you do Laughing Pony Rescue. We are proud to be partners with Katherine and Cindy and thank them for caring and saving these precious animals!

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