Julie Korsmyer
Volunteer Spotlight February 2018

What feeds Julie’s soul? Being around horses and her dogs. No wonder LPR’s mission (“Helping one horse…,”) instantly drew her to volunteering, which she’s done for two years. 

Julie has loved animals, since she was a little girl growing up on a small farm in New Jersey. Her mother rode standard-bred horses and her sister did dressage, but Julie was a cowgirl at heart so headed to Colorado where she lived with several horses for 17 years. In San Diego Julie had a distinguished career as a police officer and then a San Diego District Attorney before retiring. 

Away from LPR Julie runs, bikes, goes to the gym and paints - be on the lookout for her art website. This summer she’ll be in her Alaskan cabin.

At LPR she loves our pushy Johnny and his brother Gino, the donkeys, and mucking, which for her is zen meditation. Each time she leaves the ranch and Celia thanks her, Julie thinks, “No, thank you!”

No question the horses and Julie enrich each other.

Welcome to...
Laughing Pony Rescue

  We're a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation located in Rancho Santa Fe, California and are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all breeds of sick
abused, abandoned and slaughter-bound horses; including wild horses and mustangs, ponies and donkeys. All horses pictured on this website have been rescued, or were born of a rescued horse. We want you to see these majestic animals and to fall in love with them as we have.

Laughing Pony Rescue, Inc. is a tax-exempt,
non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

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LPR Supporters

With your dedication and donations we rescued and placed over 33 slaughter-bound horses from Moses Lake in Washington in 2017. Many were just yearlings or mares in foal and all deserved a better ending. The picture above is Sammy who was one of those 33. Please check in with us again to learn more about our upcoming rescues.



Dynamite is a military donkey. He worked at Fort Irwin and used to carry dynamite to the troops when it was considered too dangerous to send people. When his service was ended he needed to be rescued and that's where Laughing Pony Rescue stepped in. He is a very very good donkey and we could not imagine the ranch without him. He is very calm and gentle and loves lots of attention. He recently found his soul mate in Daisy the donkey who was rescued from a slaughter house in Texas. Donkey's are herd animals and need companions.

You can Sponsor Dynamite or any of our rescue equine today through a monthly or one time donation. It costs between $300 - $500 per month per horse to maintain their rehabilitation. Some horses can take years to nurse back to good health after being rescued from abusive homes and slaughterhouses. Laughing Pony Rescue is dedicated to giving the highest quality of care available.


What's New...

A Letter From Our Founder

Hello Everyone,


We are now in 2018. Wow! Crazy right? What a year 2017 was. Laughing Pony Rescue saved and placed over 33 horses and we could not have done it without you.


The fires were horrible. I loved the way everyone came together to help all the animals. It showed how many people truly care about animal welfare and how they want to try to ease pain and suffering.


What most people do not know is that 6000 equines suffer every week. The slaughter truck picks them up and spends 2-3 days on the road with 30-50 horses jammed into the truck. They make sure the holes are small so you caring people can't see inside. There is no room to move. No food or water. The trucks are packed with foals, broken horses, mares and stallions...what a bad mix. If you could look in, you would not be able to sleep at night. Then there is the final destination... the slaughter house which is just barbaric.


80 % of the U.S. is against this and yet any bills proposed in congress get shot down. Why are other animals put down humanely and our equines allowed to be tortured? Can you help get the word out? I know people don't want to bring up the subject because it is such a downer, but there are people that don't know and they need to or nothing will change. I can't tell you how many new people come to the ranch that do not know about this. It horrifies me. I urge you to take the time to check out this process so you will be as passionate as I am to help stop this. One more person who knows is one more person who may step up for change.


Rescuing horses has been a passion of mine for over 40 years and I have always had a particular drive to rescue slaughter-bound equine. Many people shy away from this focus only because dealing with the feedlot can be extremely difficult for many reasons. However this year we have found a way to go straight to the herd. We are excited to share our rescue efforts with you as our plans develop further.


With every new year there is a chance for a new beginning and while our mission is always the same, to rescue abused, abandoned and slaughter-bound equine, we hope to achieve more than we have the years before. We hope you will join us in 2018 to make a difference in the lives of these animals. And always remember that we don't do this so there will be one more horse on this earth, we do this so one less horse suffers this horrible death.


Celia Sciacca

Thank you to The Ark in La Jolla for your support!

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