Upcoming Events:

June 13:  Kid's Day
August 7:  Kid's Day
September 12:  Music in the Yard
November:  Gala Event

Here's Casper!  He's been with us three weeks now and has put on 50-60 pounds.  He's a sweet boy and is getting spunkier every day.  He's very curious!!  Even though it will be several months until he can be adopted, we are taking applications now.  If you're interested, email

Something new!  Something grey!  Something that eats hay!!  Yep, we are picking up a new horse in need of attention and a lot of TLC this weekend.  He's about 7 years old, a Mustang gelding, and has been left a little unattended due to some serious health issues with the owner.  We are getting his new home ready to welcome him and hope his roommates will be gracious and do the same!!  Johnny & Gino will be sharing part of their area with the new guy so we'll see how welcoming they can be.  

And, another great thing, the stall fence panels we used to create his new living quarters were DONATED to us!!   Such a great thing and such a help so we can house another rescue horse.

Thank you to the Binky Foundation for our dirt!
We were awarded a grant from the Binky Foundation specifically designated for the purchase of dg. We’re using this dirt (it’s really decomposed granite or “dg”) to fill in holes in the various stalls so our horses don’t hurt themselves and to also fill in those nasty smelling pee holes. So, thank you, Binky! And thank you all for helping us fill in those areas that needed it.

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Welcome to Laughing Pony Rescue,
where we help horses and humans together!

We're a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation located in Rancho Santa Fe, California and are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating sick, abused, and abandoned horses of any breed. All horses pictured on this website have been rescued, or were born of a rescued horse. We want you to see these majestic animals and to fall in love with them as we have.

URGENT Help Needed!!!!

We need help, and there’s a couple ways you can help.   Here’s the story:

There is a feedlot in Moses Lake, Washington.  The feedlot owner recently bought a herd of 75 horses. Some were sent off to dude ranches, some have been adopted and those that are still in the lot next week will be sent to auction and most likely slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. Currently, there are about 34 horses remaining. 

Laughing Pony is adopting 2 of these horses:  Dolly, a 2 year-old filly, and Duke, a year old stallion (who will be gelded.) Right now, we’re holding them in Washington, doing the appropriate testing so that we can bring them to California.  All of this costs money……if you can spare a few dollars, please check out our website and donate thru paypal.

Another way to help is to support efforts to adopt out the last remaining mare and foal combination that are still in the feedlot. Cougar, the mare, is pregnant.  We’ve put a hold on her, but her asking price is $625 and we’re hoping to find someone to buy her.  Her picture is the 3rd of the group. 

The facebook site for these rescues is called “The Moses Lake Horses,” and the woman who is working tirelessly to help is Cindy.  (She and her daughter raise money to save these horses and try to find homes for them.  Donations can be made through PayPal, sent to and note which horse the money is to go toward.)  Cindy’s number, if you want more information, is 509-431-0498.

We appreciate your support and help.

    Click here to donate through Paypal

Or mail to:
Laughing Pony Rescue  
P.O. Box 32 
 Rancho Santa Fe, CA  92067

Laughing Pony Rescue, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)3


We're available for adoption!!!  We're brother and sister, 4 and 3 years old.  We're a bit shy, but very sweet.  We need to be adopted together because we love each other.  We've been trained and have been used for beginner lessons.  Email for more information!

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