Jennifer Lindsley, Spotlight November 2017

Five year volunteer, Jennifer Lindsley, is taking her passion for horses to a new level. A psychiatric hospital mental health therapist, Jennifer is enrolled in the University of Denver’s Equine Assisted Mental Health Certification Program with the goal to facilitate human healing and connection while honoring the horse.

Groupon riding sessions were Jennifer’s introduction to LPR and the world of rescue horses. Riding Gino, Johnny and her favorite Tango hooked her in for good! The connection with the horses was an incomparable feeling for her.

Volunteering at LPR wasn’t enough so she took in one of the horses, Charity and spends most of her free time with her and her friend Bella. They train, play, go for walks or do Charity’s favorite activity, eat. Other than being with Charity, Jennifer loves to hike, read and write.

Every day she learns from the horses and Celia and strengthens her voice in standing up for these magnificent creatures. While at LPR, Jennifer works hard and loves being near the horses. LPR has changed Jennifer’s life, and she is changing the lives of horses for the better!

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