Oliver is a military veteran and "employed" by the Army to carry explosives into areas it was too dangerous to send Jeeps.  He was stationed last at Fort Irwin and was going to go to the feedlot, then to auction, and then most likely to a slaughterhouse in Mexico or Canada.  He's now living the life of luxury at a foster ranch next to Laughing Pony's site.

Duke and Dolly have been renamed Laci and Moses and are home!! 

Meet the Ponies

We give our horses as much love and care as possible and train them in basic skills. Despite the tragic circumstances some have come from, the results are happy, sweet, gentle, and loving horses.

At the Ranch


Laci and her buddy Moses recently came to us from a feedlot in Washington.  (Their next stop would have been a slaughterhouse in Canada.)  Laci is about a year and half to 2 year old Appaloosa filly.  She and Moses (and Charity too, see below) have all been in quarantine since their arrival 4 weeks ago.  We were worried that they might have Strangles, a highly contagious and serious bacterial respiratory infection and perhaps other issues.  However, they are all in the clear and have been wormed (yuck!) and vaccinated.  Next step is teeth and hooves.  Laci has been halter-trained and is a very quick learner. She also has learned to pick up her feet to have them cleaned.  She loves treats and neck scratches.  She's available for sponsorship or adoption.


Moses is a year old (more or less) Appaloosa colt (who will be gelded).  He came to us with Laci and Charity from Washington.  He's a bit skinny and was full of worms but his quarantine has recently been lifted and he's healthy otherwise!  He does have a big gash on his nose which he may have suffered on the long trailer ride from Washington.  Its healing now and should disappear soon.  Moses loves to have his neck rubbed and his ears scractched.  When he's brushed, he falls asleep.  He's been halter trained and we're working on getting him to pick up his feet.  He's available for sponsorship or adoption.  



Charity was dropped off at the feedlot in Washington the day before Moses and Laci were to be trailered to Rancho Santa Fe.  Her owner stated that she was lame and that he didn't want her anymore.  She has 2 scar on her rear fetlocks and we think she may have been roped and dragged, resulting in her lameness.  In any case, we had room in the trailer with Moses and Laci so we brought her home too.  She was very stiff and sore after standing for many, many hours in the trailer and spent a good part of her first few days lying in shavings.  She was also quarantined.  These days, while still lame, she is up and watching all that goes on at Laughing Pony.  We believe that she's about 2 years old. Time will tell what we can do with her given her lameness, but for now she's getting lots of food and lots of love.  She loves apples, but carrots, not so much!

Ruby is a 5 year old Welsh/Shetland Sorrel Pony. She was was given to a 12 year old girl to learn to ride. The girl lost interest and Ruby was left by herself in the backyard. The owners had little horse knowledge, but good hearts by turning her over to LPR knowing they could no longer care for her. Ruby is now looking for a new loving home with her best friend, Gypsy (below). She is 12 hands, sound, and sweet. With a little love and training, Ruby will be the perfect pony. She and Ruby like to push a ball back and forth between them.  She and Gypsy are currently available for sponsorship or adoption.

Gypsy was rescued by friends of Laughing Pony who found her being mistreated by her owner who was days away from sending her to auction. She was used as a roping cow, hogtied, and had her jaw fractured, along with her eye lid cut. The ligaments in her legs were damaged due to being hogtied, yet since she has been cared for at Laughing Pony Rescue and seen a chiropractor, we have been able to fix her body and mind. Gypsy is now playful and happy and has turned into Houdini, trying to escape at any chance she gets.   Gypsy is 3 years old, 10 hands, and is available for sponsorship or adoption.

When Amigo was rescued, he was in a trailer on the way to the slaughter house. He was underweight, had cuts all over his body and was very afraid of humans. Now he's the perfect trail horse and loves attention. He also loves having his chest and neck scratched. Amigo is currently looking for a sponsor.

Prima was foaled here at the Laughing Pony Ranch by Princess (below).
Isn't she beautiful?  Need we say more?

Gino was 3 months old when he was rescued from the Premarin ranch where he was foaled. (His mom is Barbie and Johnny is his half-brother!) He was covered in ringworm and was in very bad health. Now even six year olds can ride this shiny blue-eyed horse!  Gino is a therapeutic riding horse at the Laughing Pony Rescue Ranch.

Johnny C
At three months old Johnny C was bitten by a skunk and quarantined for six months. He was then loaded into a truck with other babies and driven across the country over a period of thirty days. They were in the truck for thirty days! Finally, Johnny C and the others were left at another rescue ranch, where he was fattened up and brought to the Laughing Pony. He's now full of energy and plays endlessly with the other horses. He loves attention and knows how to get it. His favorite game is "rip the fly mask".  He's a clown. Johnny is a therapeutic riding horse at Laughing Pony. 

Barbie, mother to Gino, was also rescued from a Premarin ranch. The recommended age for a mare to be in foal for the first time is 3 years old but Barbie was only a yearling with her first. She was rescued at five years old, while in foal to her fourth foal. She had a broken nose and was emotionally run-down. She and all of her foals were rescued and all but one of her foals were brought to the Laughing Pony Ranch for love and training. Barbie is doing wonderfully, and is currently looking for a sponsor.

Looking for Love (or a Sponsor)

Junior was rescued by a Laughing Pony volunteer. His previous owner was unable to handle him. This adorable mini horse who is all of 7 hands and 10 years of age is currently being cared for at our foster ranch. Junior is teaching our young proteges to drive a cart which he lovingly pulls.  Junior is currently looking for a sponsor.

Found A Home!

Scarlett is a 7 year old chestnut mare with white markings.  She was abandoned by her child and family.  Thankfully, she received food at the barn she was living, but no care or attention for about a year.  Because of emotional issues, Scarlett is being retired to huge green pastures in Clovis where she'll be able to relax and hang out with other horses.

Bobcat is a 2 year old, about 15 hand Quarter horse that was abandoned by his owners along with his mother, another mare, and a pack of large dogs. When the dogs got hungry they killed his mother. The other mare tried to protect Bobcat, but the dogs managed to eat his tail before animal control stepped in. LPR has taken in Bobcat to rehabilitate and train.  This sweet boy is now available for adoption.
Because of the issues he encountered, we're pretty sure he suffers from PTSD and will require an experienced rider.  

Mitch was being fostered at a ranch in Barstow, CA.  His previous owner became ill and was unable to care for him.  He hired, in good faith, a person to feed, groom, and ride Mitch.  After eight months the owner was finally well enough to visit his horse and found him 100-200 lbs. underweight, unkept, and was told that the caregiver had been riding him frequently in those unhealthy conditions. The caregiver pocketed the money and did nothing to help Mitch. The owner was unable to care for him and turned Mitch over to Laughing Pony Rescue to find him a wonderful home, which we have now done!  

Silver Raven
Silver Raven is an adorable 7 year old dapple gray Connemara Mare standing 14.1 hands. She was dumped off at the feed lot by a therapeutic riding stable for being too "pushy." She may not have been right for therapeutic riding, but is been right for another home. Her fate would have been the slaughter house had we not been able to save her.  Raven has recently been adopted.

Music was rescued at 8 years old from a Premarin ranch in Canada.  She was in foal to a colt named Sammy (see below).  She was extremely hard to control and severely distrusted humans. Celia took in both Music and two-week old Sammy, and within six weeks children were riding Music.  She has been adopted several times, most recently to the US Army at Fort Irwin.  She spent a few years carrying the American Flag in parades and helping soldiers in trainings.  She was sent back to us because of budget cuts.  Standing a
t 17.1 hands, this beautiful Percheron/Quarter Mare has been adopted to a wonderful home with other draft horses.

Cinnamon is a red roan pony who is 18 years old, 12 hands, beautiful, and well behaved. She was alone for a long time after being a child's pony. She was not fed correctly while her owners were living out of town and foundered. Cinnamon has recently been adopted.

Gretchen is a beautiful 6 year old, 16 hand Fresian whose previous trainer put her on mind altering drugs because the trainer was scared of her.  The trainer told Gretchen's owner she was untrainable and to send her to pasture.  Since being at Laughing Pony Rescue she has been allowed to adjust to the right state of mind off of drugs and has been retrained with much success. She has even learned a few tricks! Gretchen has been adopted to the US Army at Fort Irwin where she will be in training to participate in Army events.  

Tucker is a quarter horse gelding who is 8 years old and 15.2 hands.  This handsome bay came to us with major hoof problems.  Two different vets said he would never be fit for riding.  He has now been rehabilitated and is the perfect trail horse. Tucker has  been adopted.

Tommy is an off-track thoroughbred.  He is 9 years old and 17 hands.  This beautiful grey spent 3 years on the track and is now best suited as an arena horse.  He is sweet and could be a prospect for a show horse.  Tommy has been adopted.

Stanley was being fostered at a ranch in Barstow, CA.  His previous owner became ill and was unable to care for him.  He hired, in good faith, a person to feed, groom, and ride Stanley.  After eight months the owner was finally well enough to visit his horse and found him 100-200 lbs. underweight, unkept, and was told that the caregiver had been riding him frequently in those unhealthy conditions. The caregiver pocketed the money and did nothing to help Stanley. The owner was unable to care for him and turned Stanley over to Laughing Pony Rescue. Stanley has been adopted to loving home.

King was in foster care in Boron, CA.  His previous owner was unable to care for him.  He is an 8 year old off-track Thoroughbred who is 17.2 hands. He is a beautiful, gentle giant who has been adopted. 

Jaxx is a 12 year old off-track thoroughbred.  He retired due to bone chips which have since been removed.  His owner turned him over to Laughing Pony Rescue because of financial difficulty. He is sound, handsome, and at 16 hands, has been retrained for the ring and trail.  Jaxx has recently been adopted.

Elvis was recently found by his previous owner uncared for and underweight after he was sold in good faith he would be taken care of.  He was brought to the Laughing Pony Ranch to get into good heath and after his recent training he is very happy at his new home.  

Bullet was rescued from an auction in Canada when he was 3 months old. His mother was away and, not knowing where he was or where his mother was going, he ran and screamed out of control. Luckily, he was bought and brought to Celia at the Laughing Pony Ranch. He was filthy, his hair was matted all over his body and both rear hooves were bleeding. After a lot of training and care, we're now able to ride him bareback with just a halter. Bullet has recently been adopted.

Music & Sammy
Music was a Premarin mare rescued at eight years old while in foal to Sammy. She was extremely hard to control and severely distrusted humans. Celia took both Music and two-week old Sammy in, and within six weeks children were riding Music. Sammy has been adopted to the Santa Monica Police Department where he works patrol. Please see Music's story above.

Laughing Ponies who have gone to Greener Pastures.
They will be forever missed.


Randy was rescued from a "killer buyer" ranch, where he would be used as a rental until he was broken down and then shipped to a slaughter house. He was one of the best "people trainers" on the ranch. Randy lived a happy life for 35 years, his most memorable after he was rescued.

Before Princess was rescued, she had been beaten and neglected, her hooves were not cared for properly and she was left in a stall with fly bite scars all over her body. Her owners called Celia because they were too afraid to work with her. Celia spent time with Princess and had amazing results. The owners saw this and told her to pay the slaughter price and take Princess home with her.  Princess lived for 24 years.

Harlee was foaled at the Laughing Pony Rescue Ranch by Barbie.  Harlee was Barbie's fourth foal from the Premarin facility.  Harlee had very sensitive skin and a weak immune system.  She came down with a horrible infection which took her away from us too soon. 

Dazzle has an amazing story. As a yearling he was playing and jumped on a stick and the stick punctured a hole in his intestines which caused an abscess and then turned into E Coli. Instead of getting the surgery he needed, his owners decided to euthanize him for the insurance money. Fortunately, Celia rescued him and brought him to the ranch. He was sick for another five years, having also contracted Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). But he was a fighter and showed Celia that he loved life. Dazzle could count to ten, bow so you could get on him, help you eat your lunch and give you a great back scratch!  Dazzle recently passed away from complications of his EPM and age.  He helped train many rescue horses through the years and gave them comfort knowing they would find a new forever home.  
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